Terms and Conditions
We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do business, and we will do everything we can to avail the buyer with information about the equipment. The final decision rests with the customer making the purchase.
REFUNDS - Seldom are refunds given for used equipment. We help the buyer make sure the equipment is what they want before we sell it to them. We usually cannot offer warranties on used equipment. We offer warranties when they are given by suppliers, and we mention the warranty up front. Used equipment is sold "AS IS" and is in sound working condition on the day of purchase.

RETURNS - With used equipment, we assist the buyer in seeing the items are checked out before purchase. We count on our buyers to know what they are buying and to be firm in their decisions to own the equipment they purchase. Very seldom are returns allowed on used equipment, so we help the buyer make sure the gear is what is expected.

SHIPPING - All shipping is paid for by the buyer. We offer full service to arrange 3rd party shipping, or if the buyer prefers to utilize their own shipping accounts, we can assist them in setting this up. We oversee the pickup and track all shipments to make sure they receive their purchased equipment.

SALES TAX - Sales Tax is paid by all buyers for purchased equipment according respective Sales Tax Laws.

Privacy Policy
Second Wind Staging respects the privacy of both its customers and clients. All practices of handling private information is done according to laws and privacy rights. ANY information we receive in the process of doing business is considered privileged, and will not be divulged to anyone for any reason without the permission of the individual or business who gave it.
We put safety first in doing financial transactions, and do everything we can to make sure both the clients and the customer have proper safeguards needed in making electronic transactions, and follow through to their completion.
Our transactions are usually done offline, unless we need an electronic payment, in which case we use Paypal for credit card transactions. We encourage all steps to protect our patrons' privacy. We do not share information for any reason. We do not buy lists or trade information for any advantage of web traffic or any other business.

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