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A Special Page for Owners Who Want to Sell Their Equipment
Do You Have Grip and Lighting Equipment to Sell?
Professionals working for Professionals
We are technicians working in The Industry serving other professionals.

Used quality HMI lighting for sale, Used quality Tungsten lighting equipment for sale
Are you liquidating an equipment package
and looking for a good return
on your investment?

Do you have a little bit of time
to set it up and do things right to find you a real buyer?

Equipment Packages Wanted:
2-Ton, 5-Ton, 10-Ton
grip and lighting packages.
Used electrical distro packages are sought by buyers
We Are Looking for quality used electrical and distribution equipment.
The equipment must be inspected and cleaned up ready to use.

We have interested buyers.
We negotiate good pricing so both parties are satisfied.
We are looking for serious sellers who can invest a bit of time to work with us.

For Whatever Reason...
IF you need to sell your equipment, please check us out to see if we can offer you a hand.

Purchasing Used Grip and Lighting Equipment

High response and numerous requests from companies and individuals wishing to purchase used lighting, grip, and electrical/distro packages find us making an extra effort to locate equipment owners who need to sell their grip and lighting equipment.
Buying Used HMI Lighting Systems Buying Used Studio Liquidations
We can make it worth your while by finding buyers for your used grip and lighting equipment. Right now we have numerous requests every week from buyers all over the United States looking for quality used grip and lighting equipment.
Our transactions are usually done offline, unless we need an electronic payment, in which case we use Paypal for credit card transactions, or special bank wire arrangements. Simplicity is the key. We encourage all steps to protect our patrons' privacy. We do not share information for any reason. We do not buy lists or trade information for any advantage of web traffic or any other business.

is cleaned and in excellent working condition unless otherwise noted.

on finding buyers for quality used grip and lighting and electrical packages.

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Second Wind Staging

Please Call
if you are serious.
Serious callers only Please.
Thank You for your interest.

Industry Professionals assist in helping you liquidate your equipment investments.

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and The US
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Thank you for your interest!
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