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Preserved Quality
ARRI 200w HMI Par Lighting Kit
w/Case For Sale

Single Head Set with AC and DC Ballasts
COMPLETE SYSTEM - Lenses & Diffusion & Case

Arri-200w-HMI-Par-Light-Kit Arri-200w-HMI-Par-Light-Kit Arri-200w-HMI-Par-Light

Arri-200w-HMI-Par-Light-Kit Arri-200w-HMI-Par-Light-Kit

ARRI 200w HMI Par Lighting Kit For Sale
AC and DC Ballasts
Checked out and in Sound Electronic Condition
Minor wear is purely cosmetic.

Ready to work.
Please Call for Questions and Pricing - 818-464-6828
Why Rent? Why Buy New?

Arri-200w-HMI-Par-Light-Kit Arri-200w-HMI-Par-Light-Kit Arri-200w-HMI-Par-Light-Kit




  • Used LTM 12K HMI Par Lighting System
  • Power Gems 12/6K Electronic Ballast
    - Completely Serviced
  • LTM 12K HMI Par Light Head
    - Completely Serviced
  • Scrims and Scrim Bag
  • Lens Set and Box
  • Bates Connectors
  • Globes and Stands Sold Separately
Please call with technical or pricing questions: 818-464-6828

LTM 12K Par Light for Sale

LTM 12K Par Light for Sale

Valued Quality
Professionals Serving Professionals

This Used Arri 200w HMI Par Light kit has had one owner. It has been serviced regularly, including replacement of needed parts. This light has been handled well and is in sound condition. Great for portable usage.

Why Rent? Why Buy New?
Call us for
Pricing and Questions at

These Quality, Pre-Owned
Arri Lights are available for purchase.
They can be shipped or picked up
in Los Angeles, California.

Please Call for Pricing
LTM 12K Par Light for Sale

Commitment to Our Customers

  • The equipment is in sound, reliable, used condition.
  • Minor Outside Wear is Strictly Cosmetic.
  • Equipment has been thoroughly checked.
  • Equipment is cleaned and in good working condition
    unless otherwise noted.
  • All used equipment is sold "As Is".
  • Please check our simple Return and Refund Policy.

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